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Artist Kate Marr

Artist Kate Marr

Artist Statement

“Life isn’t static, you can’t help but enjoy the energy, feeling and atmosphere of beautiful places when you are outside walking, sketching and experiencing the outdoors. It is a reflective activity where we are able to think freely without distractions, which in turn creates a joyful experience which uplifts the soul and heart. Nature is captivating and awe inspiring. It provides us with endless dynamic views which adjust every second with fleeting changes in the landscape due to the weather, sunlight or season. As an artist the coast, landscape and forest are places to observe and take in the mood, to identify shapes and forms through spontaneous mark making in my sketchbook. Combining these images with reference photographs and my own memories, they become inspiration for my paintings back in the studio.
I work experimentally with mixed media depending on the mood of a painting. Sometimes I have to let the paint flow and mingle, other times I may use bold energetic marks or concentrate on delicately capturing the contrast in light and tone. If things get too static, I sometimes have to throw out the worries about precision and just play with the paint using unusual tools and media combinations on paper or canvas. The paint often does its own thing, just like nature! Trying new approaches creates a thrilling and occasionally terrifying experience, but in the end you find the work is expressive and evokes atmosphere. Life is meant to be fun, and the artistic process and final result to be enjoyed.”


Kate Marr is a professional mixed media artist from Bournemouth, UK and is best known for her lively and atmospheric paintings based on locations from the Dorset coastline and the New Forest. She aims to paint “seascapes, landscapes and trees which bring joy to the soul and heart.” Kate loves to create pieces in an intuitive way, focusing on evoking the mood and feeling of a place by using expressive marks. These works are created imaginatively, inspired by sketches, photos and memories of walks in these areas. Kate uses high quality art materials in a variety of mixed media and technique. Her work has been featured in nationwide magazines including the Leisure Painter. She is a member of Artists in Dorset, Paint Dorset and Cad Arts collectives, and exhibits with these groups and also arranges her own solo shows. Kate has recently opened her own gallery in Christchurch where she sells her paintings. Her work can be found in private art collections around the world.
Kate grew up in Surrey and having a creative spirit, was always painting, drawing and excelling in art at school. Pursuing this passion she completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design in 2005 at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. In 2008 Kate completed a Fine Art BA (Hons) degree at Plymouth University. After this she had a few exhibitions, then whilst working in Oxford Street, London in retail management, she worked part time as a portrait artist taking commissions. By 2016 Kate had decided to become a full time professional artist. Initially she was living in London, and then the opportunity came to move to Bournemouth and paint the beautiful scenery there. She then focused her attention on seascapes and landscapes painted in oils. Kate started teaching art classes in 2019 and found this to be a delight, and also inspired her to expand her range of media in her work including watercolours and acrylic. She then learned of a more experimental approach to painting nature and embraced this. You can view beautiful collections of Kate’s paintings which are based on colour palette, season and mood.


I do take commissions and have a waiting list. Please email me with your commission request and include any information and photos you have. Please let me know which size and media you prefer, and then I will give you a quote and time estimate.




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