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Artist Julie Farley

Artist Julie Farley

Artist Statement

I am a figurative painter specialising in portraits. I watch people all the time and instantly know if I want to paint someone. It may mean going up to a complete stranger but no-one has ever refused! My subjects can include inspirational people in the media or popular icons. I do paint some scenery as well but it has to be woods or water to inspire me.

I believe I create an ambience of tranquillity or passion with layers of varying emotion beneath the surface so that the mood of the picture blends in with the personality of the subject. The final result can be interactive on different levels so that the picture can be experienced according to the understanding and needs of the person looking at it.

The medium varies e.g. oils or pastel, and is chosen to suit the subject. I have painted and sketched a lot in black and white because the effect is very simple and direct and can be softened by subtle blending.

I don’t know where all my paintings end up but I do know that, as well as in the UK, there are some in private collections in Germany, Italy, Nigeria, New Zealand and the Czech Republic.


Julie Farley is a talented portrait artist who is self taught. She learnt by studying paintings of famous artists in art galleries and attending life drawing classes, and also from plenty of practice! During the gap between youth and maturity she attended the “University of Life” self developing through life’s experiences and awareness of the world around her, and her work became more intense and meaningful. With no shortage of willing models from her workmates she started her black and white period of portraits and nudes exhibiting in London restaurants and wine bars. She was also getting constant requests for portrait commissions. She held an exhibition in a London gallery and Stanmore Library which got several write ups in the local papers.

She joined Milldon Art Association and exhibited with them in Mill Hill every year even after leaving London. She organised publicity for the exhibitions and was often pictured in the local papers when she won prizes for her work including first prize one year.

In 2014 she came to Bournemouth where she took part in group exhibitions at Bournemouth International Centre and Bournemouth Gardens market. After a few years, having met many friends through teaching yoga, she discovered some very talented local artists and decided to hold her own group exhibition calling it Local Artists. They started in August 2018 at Bournemouth Library, opened by the Mayor and covered by the local press, and then went on to exhibit in the ECO Hub in Poole. The Local Artists group, most of whom had never exhibited before meeting Julie, went on to hold more exhibitions in Dorset. Julie was also asked to lead a weekly art workshop for the Third Age Trust.

During the Pandemic of 2020 all activities stopped but by July Julie’s focus was on doing something with art in Bournemouth, and when she came across the Arcade with even more empty shops than usual she had the urge to run an art gallery. If only to brighten up people’s day as they tentatively ventured out to the shops again. Kate Marr, who had joined her Local Artists group, was already an experienced, full-time artist so she saw the potential in Julie’s ideas. The rest as they say is history.

Julie and Kate have formed a business partnership, calling the galleries Picture This, and the Bournemouth Picture This is now open. As Julie does mainly portraits and Kate does mainly landscapes it looks like the perfect partnership.


People Portraits

I think my strongest asset is managing to combine practicality with artistic ability, and therefore when I have a commission for a portrait I am very reliable. I am fully committed to producing high quality work that satisfies the client to the specification agreed. However, I get very involved in my work and am sad when I finally have to part with the finished portrait. I believe there comes a point in every painting where the subject takes on a life of their own and I am no longer the creator but the instrument of their existence.

Working from photographs is no problem, but it is very helpful to be told a little about the subject so that I can incorporate the character of the person into the portrait. For a very large or complex painting, some sittings would be essential.

I usually paint portrait commissions in oils. I also like the simplicity of pencil and pastel drawings which don’t take so long to do if you want something last minute.

  • Portrait in oils on canvas from £350 for 51cm X 40½cm (20” x 16”)
  • Pencil/charcoal drawing from £100 for 40½cm X 30½cm (16” x 12”) including mount.

If a frame is required it would be extra and discussed with the client in more detail prior to the commission.

Pet Portraits

Julie can do a portrait of your pet from a photograph. It can be painted in oil or drawn in black and white.

A painted portrait lasts for ever and is something you can treasure even when your beloved pet has passed away. A portrait has so much more depth than a flat photograph, and the artist can bring your pet to life again by incorporating depth and emotion into her work.

It can bring interest to a wall and bring back happy memories of moments you spent together every time you pass the picture. Apart from some calculating cats, pets ask only to be taken care of while giving you lots of love and companionship. They like to spend time with their owners simply fitting in with their lives and being part of the family. A portrait can capture your pet’s individual character for ever in a precious moment in time.

  • Portrait in oils on canvas from £150 for 40½cm X 30½cm (16” x 12”).

If a frame is required it would be extra and discussed with the client in more detail prior to the commission.
All projects considered, and terms are negotiable.

Yoga Classes

In 2006 Julie qualified as a yoga teacher, so she is combining that with her portrait painting. With most venues closing down Julie has continued teaching privately, avoiding on-line because she believes with yoga the energy created needs to be tangible. She also uses part of the gallery for small group classes.


Mobile: 07984 216 908


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